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Viva biotech has built in vitro ADME and in vivo PK platforms for early DMPK screening, MS focused metabolite ID service, biomarker research, and Radio-isotope labeled DMPK studies. The DMPK team is headed by Dr. Shawn Cheng, a 13 year senior scientist at Abbott Laboratories and an expert in the area of DMPK, biological screening, mass spectrometry, and its application in drug discovery. Dr. Cheng has dozens of first-authored or co-authored papers in Nature, JACS (8), and PNAS etc.

Viva DMPK services include:

In Vivo DMPK
Small and Large Animal PK
○ Routes of administration (PO, IV, IP, SC etc.) and sampling
○ Several different routes of administration for pain models
Tissue Distribution
○ LCMS based – drugs/metabolites and endogenous metabolites/biomarkers
○Cancer tissue – drug and metabolite/biomarker concentration
In Vivo Drug Metabolism
○ Radioisotope labeled study
 Biliary Excretion
○ Rats and dogs

■ In Vitro ADMET
Liver Microsomal Stability and Clearance
○ Human and animal
LCMS analysis
Plasma Protein Binding
○ Dialysis based
○ LCMS analysis
PAMPA Permeability 
○ LCMS based
○ PGP efflux test available
Drug Metabolism
○ Phase I and II
○ Reactive metabolites
○ Structural identification – LCMS and NMR

Expertise -- In Vitro ADMET
CYP Inhibition
○ 1A2, 2C9, 2D6, 3A4
CYP Induction
○ 1A, 2B6, 3A4
hERG Inhibition

■ DMPK of Biologics
Stability, drug concertration, structure and modification
Mass spectrometry, immunoassay, BIAcore
Biologics post translational modification

 ■ MS Expertise for Metabolite ID and Biomarker Research
Our facilities include:
5,000 sq ft in-house animal facility for mice, rats, rabbits, and dogs;
API 3000 LCMS;