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High Level Medicinal Chemistry

Our Medicinal Chemistry Department contains a high ratio of Ph.D. chemists (over 30%) with national and international medicinal chemistry experiences.  The Medicinal Chemistry teams are led by Zhixiong Ye (VP of Discovery Chemistry), who has 14 years drug discovery and managerial experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Merck), and Dr Lei Fu (VP of Chemistry), who has 7 years of medicinal chemistry experience with in the pharmaceutical industry (Pharmacyclics) and is Adjunct Professor at the School of Pharmacy at Shanghai Jiaotong University.

We offer integrated drug discovery services both in:
■ Structure-based drug discovery
■ Fragment-based drug discovery
The medicinal chemistry experts from Viva are devoted to support our clients in drug discovery with 100% of their efforts which ensures the success of rapidly advancing hits into drug candidates in the areas of:
■ Lead generation and optimization
■ Design and synthesis of analogs to support structure-activity relationship studies
■ Parallel synthesis of focused or fragment libraries
■ Preparation of scaffolds and building blocks
■ Computational chemistry modeling and structure-based design