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In Vitro Pharmacology
Viva Biotech has established in vitro pharmacology platforms, including drug target validation, assay development, and compound screening services.
In vitro pharmacology is led by Dr. Derek Ren who has 10 years of drug discovery research with Pfizer. Joining Derek are numerous directors and group leaders with many years experience in assay development and target validation. With talented research teams, we provide a broad spectrum of quality services and in-depth biological support for integrated drug discovery programs to global pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies.

■ Drug Target Validation
     ○ SiRNA-mediated gene knock down
     ○ Lentiviral ShRNA-mediated gene knock down
■ Assay Development

■ Compound Screening:
Viva provides the highest quality and customized compound screening service in both 96-well and 384-well format. We offer 60 in-house developed
GRCR stable cell lines and 53 human cancer cell lines which have been validated in cell-based functional assays.