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GPCR Targeted Discovery Programs

Viva offers world top classed GPCR protein and crystallography platform which employs cutting edge technologies and composed with dedicated teams. The highly experienced members are working continuously on GPCR proteins to assistant our clients for their studies. Four Viva research teams have experiences in successful preparation of soluble and crystallization-quality GPCR proteins up to 10-mg level. Our teams have crystallized two published targets and one novel target. Plans are progressing to add 4 more targets. To obtain a GPCR protein of crystallization quality, our bench mark is 3 months for a published GPCR and 8 months for a novel class A GPCR.

■ Expert in GPCR preparation:
Experienced research teams
Soluble and crystallization-quality GPCR proteins for:
assays and antibody research
T4L (and other alternative fusion proteins) GPCR for crystallization
>1 mg/ ml protein yields, >90 % purity
60 GPCR stable cell lines
■ GPCR crystallization
Crystallized both published targets and novel GPCRs
Bench mark :
3 months for a published GPCR
8 months for a novel class A GPCR
■ GPCR Binding Assay Development: