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Company Culture

Mission Statement

Viva’s ultimate goal is for the health and wellbeing of mankind. With all of Viva’s science applications and working closely together with our partners in the scientific community, we strive for the most advantageous and understanding of all of our common goals to relentlessly acquire knowledge and skills that benefit our community as a whole.

Viva is dedicated to become a recognized and respected company. Furthermore, Viva is willing to grow up with employees

Our Values and Objectives

Viva is known as technical leader in Protein Science, Biophysics, Structural Biology, GPCR crystallography and other scientific technology. We strive continuously to be known as the world’s technical leading company in our scientific approach and our expertise. Meanwhile we focus on research and collaboration with partners and clients worldwide. We believe we can make difference by working together with these scientific partnerships and creating unions with all entities that have a mutual goal of delivering the finest products to the pharmaceutical community.

Diligence and Dedication

Being diligent and working hard are the keys to success.

Consistent Innovation to Excellence

Learning, creating, improving and elevating with the goal of perfection

Making the difference

Pursuing excellence while achieving perfection.

Customer First

We are committed to meet the expectations of all of our customers. We prefer to establish long-term collaboration partnerships in which we are dedicated to synchronize with clients objectives and customize our services to their needs.

Accountability and Discipline

Honest, work hard and due diligence is our philosophy 

Appreciation of Talent

Our talents bring value to Viva. They are the most essential element and the greatest asset of Viva. We appreciate talent and try our best to create an environment for our employees to grow and achieve the best that they can be by nourishing their creativities.

Encourage Teamwork

Efficiency and harmony only can be obtained with well organized teamwork and effective management. We refuse to hinder our scientists thought processes

Serve Society

Our goal is to serve society. We strive to better serve mankind’s quality of life. Better ourselves at the same time and better the community we serve.